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for the heck of it im posting a chapter i wrote most recently... its not perfect, and im sure that there are plenty that can do better. but this is what i can do and believe me i have gotten far better then i was when i posted the first chapter of my first Fan Fiction.... so just cause i can.....

Danny exited the club room half expecting Carrot Top to tackle him and half expecting she would forget their deal. He understood his feelings for dread of the first idea, but the fact that her forgetting the deal making him unhappy confused him.

He tilted his head at the thought. 'Do I want to see her?'

The thought was such a surprise. How could he want to see the trouble maker? Why would seeing the girl that dragged him against his will all the time actually make him happy?

Danny shook his head, this was no time to get stupid ideas in his head, and there was no reason for it. No way could it happen. She was a vampire, not even human. 'And you are?'

Danny froze on the spot, and for a moment took note that he was actually arguing with himself. With force of will he pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind, he was supposed to take her for a flight and if he wasn't careful… She would kill him if she found such thoughts were in his head.

With that Danny started walking while mentally swearing to not do something stupid in front of Carrot Top. 'You, not be clumsy? Good luck with that.'

Danny ignored the thought as he pushed the door open to reveal just how far the sky had darkened, and standing there was Kokoa tapping her foot impatiently. She had a look of frustration on her face and her arms crossed in anger.

"What took you so long?" she demanded.

Danny felt his eyebrows raise in exasperation, "You're kidding right? I mean I am in a club."

Kokoa rolled her eyes in frustration, "Next time make sure you get out of the club faster."

Danny blinked in surprise, "What do you mean by next time?"

"Exactly what I said, do you really think I'll be happy with just one flight?" she replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"If you think I'm your personal joy ride, then you have gone crazy Carrot Top." Danny said.

Kokoa frowned as if the joke had actually bothered her before she gave an impatient huff, "Just hurry up and change so we can go."

Danny gave a sigh and allowed the rings to alter his form. Once the job was finished Danny turned to Kokoa and got an idea as offered his hand, "Alright take it if you wish to live."

The red haired girl instantly went into defensive mode in turning her head in an effort to find danger.

Danny's only reaction was to put his head on his forehead, "That was an American joke, so you're not in any real danger."

Kokoa straightened up and glared at Danny, "Are all Americans this stupid?"

"Depends on your definition of stupid." Danny said, not at all offended by the insult, he had learned early on that she often said things and didn't mean them. What would make this any different? 'You mean you're hoping she didn't mean it.'

"Can we go now?" Kokoa asked.

"Sure." Danny replied taking her hand and rocketed into the air, the suddenness of my movement yanked a surprise yelp out of Kokoa.

The night was clearer than usual and the air smelled fresh. After some hundreds of feet Danny slowed to a stop and floated with a stunned Kokoa hanging of his hand.

A second later she recovered and glared up at the ghost boy, "Did you have to try to rip my arm off?"

"I thought you were a vampire, the 'strongest' of all monsters." He replied with a laugh.

Her glare intensified, "So you did that because I'm a vampire? Because a 'Vampire' can handle it?"

"Well…" He said losing his words. Why had she taken his joke so badly? This was unusual for her. Normally she would have a comeback ready. Right?

His half baked answer only served to anger Her more, "Fine I guess since I'm a vampire so I don't deserve to be treated nicely." With that she yanked her hand out of his grip and started to plummet down. Not AGAIN!

For a moment Danny froze unsure what to do before he dove after her, in no time he had caught up to her and reached out to her, "Are you Crazy?" he shouted.

From his point of view she looked completely nuts. She had her arms crossed and was upside down falling hundreds of feet. She gave him a glare but Danny was able to see a glint of hurt in it, "I guess I must be, I am a vampire after all. It's not like vampires ever want to be treated nicely."

Maybe it was fear for her safety, maybe it was the blood rushing to his head from falling upside down (if he even had blood as a ghost). Or it could have just been that he really wanted to understand, and for once Danny understood a girl's feelings, he just knew what he needed to do to get on her good side.

Danny flew in closer and pulled her into a hug, "I'm sorry." He replied. Then he slowed down their fall and stopped them just above the tree tops before turning them right side up. For a bit he just stayed there not moving and noticing the smell in her hair, it smelled strongly of… pine trees?

"You can stop holding me so close." Danny heard a muffled voice say from his chest. It was as if lightning had struck him, he instantly let her go all accept for the one hand on her wrist that kept her from falling any further. As he let her go she turned away and for a moment he saw her face looked red. 'Great, now I'm imagining things.'

Danny was about to say something but a scream somewhere in the forest cut him off.

"It sounded like it came from over there!" shouted Kokoa.

"I heard it, looks like we have to check it out." He replied lowering them down to the ground.

Once on the ground Kokoa took the lead while Danny followed.

One thing came to his mind, why did she want to be treated 'nicely'? This was the same Kokoa that looked down on anyone weaker than her, that felt above needing friends.

So out of curiosity he voiced his thoughts, "So vampires do have feelings after all."

Kokoa gave a sharp look at him over her shoulder, "Don't you dare tell anyone!"

Danny raised his eyebrows in surprise, Kokoa had just showed another blush, proving that the first was in truth not from his imagination. Two new emotions in one day, maybe the end of the world was coming.

"So why did you want me to take you for a flight?" Danny pressed.

"I just did! Why do you think there was a reason?" She snapped back.

Danny was at a loss, he had thought there was something behind her request. 'Don't you mean hoped?'

Danny was really getting tired of his inner voice. Why did it have to say everything he was trying to ignore? More to the point, why wouldn't it shut up?

"There!" said Kokoa cutting off Danny's inner argument.

"What?" Danny asked confused.

Kokoa ignored Danny and rushed forward to what Danny finally made out to be the figure of a girl collapsed on the ground. From what he could see, her clothes were a mess.

Danny made his way closer to get a better look and what he saw sent him instantly in attack mode, her clothes were torn and soaked in red liquid that almost looked black in the dark lighting. Danny recognized it as blood and his fists lit up without hesitation, one went icy blue and the other went fiery green. From the corner of his eye he barely took note how the blue energy seemed to sway with the wind while the green flicked back and forth savagely.

He set every sense out searching for danger that could still be near. He kept searching slowly making his way… There!

He shot a blot of green ecto energy at the movement. "What the…" came the cry from the direction of his shot in a heavy southern accent.

The shot missed but the light reflected off of a pendent on the animal's neck. It looked like a wolf biting a ring, and there was a head band of sorts on his head.

Adjusting his aim Danny fired his ice at the wolf like beast but the ice went wild and this time Danny was able to take note of how the wolf dodged his attack with incredible speed that made him look like he had simply teleported. The only thing that gave him away was the after image that showed the wolf from point 'A' to point 'B'.

"…the Ware Wolf being the fastest…"

So this guy was a Ware Wolf, man they really were fast. After a moment the ware wolf turned tail and took off in a blur. Danny rose from the ground about to test his luck in chasing the world's fastest monster but didn't even get a foot in the wolf's direction.

"Wait! We need to get her to safety." Danny heard Kokoa cry from the direction of the prone figure. Her eyes were filled with anger and worry. Kokoa looked down at the girl then back at Danny.

Setting his priorities he figured he would find the wolf man later, for now he had to see what he could do for her.

"How bad is she hurt?" Danny asked as he got closer.

"Her wounds don't look deep but we should get her to the nurse as soon as possible."

And so ensued a couple of hours of heavy lifting. Danny would never have told the poor girl to her face, he wasn't that stupid, but she was HEAVY. It was so odd though being that she was skinny and petite, even for an Asian girl.

After some accidental drops and angry complaints of why the girl had to have been attacked so far from the school, they finally made it to the nurse's office. With a quick use of the mounted phone near the door the nurse was awake and on her way.

It didn't take long for the nurse to arrive and after a half hour of questions and worries they were released to go back to their dorm rooms.

It was like music to Danny's ears, he could not wait to head back to his room for a shower, dinner and shut eye, but as he saw the dark look in Kokoa's eyes his joy dissipated. It reminded him of the jerk that had attacked a defenseless girl. The look showed him just how much this attack affected her, how much she hated this person for what he did. It also told him just how far she was willing to go to make him pay.

The two left the building and walked side by side in silence. Danny opened his mouth a couple of times only to shut it, all of a sudden unsure what to say. What could he say? Empty words would serve no purpose. Now was the time to say what he meant, and mean what he said.

They reached the point where the path split leading to the two dorms and Danny took it as a chance to get away from the awkward silence. He couldn't think of something to say so he tried to escape, only to have something stop him from walking away.

He turned back to see Kokoa looking at him with a determined look, it had been her hand grabbing the back of his shirt that had stopped him, "We are going to find that monster tomorrow."

"Count me in, but why are you so…" Danny asked at a loss for words, again. She needed to hear him say something, something that showed her she had his support, but it had to be something that was real, not shallow promises.

"I have pride as a vampire, that doesn't mean I'm heartless." She answered then looked at me with her old spark showing, "Do you really think I could let something like this go?"

"I just didn't expect it to affect you this much." Danny replied after a second. To be honest when they had first seen the girl he had just assumed she would tackle this problem in her usual aggressive and head strong way. Not for it to beat her down.

"Well it does, and I will make this monster regret attacking a girl like that." She said then turned around and took a step before Danny spoke. Now was the time to say something, something before she left. She had to know he was here. She had to know she was not alone in this.

"We WILL find him, Carrot Top, I promise you he won't get away with this." Danny said, and he believed every single word. Seeing Kokoa this way struck him as wrong, as something that should never happen.

Kokoa stopped and spun around then she grabbed him by the collar. With a powerful yank she brought him down to her eye level and stared at him through narrow eyes as if searching for something. Satisfied she had found what she was searching for she let him go. "Thank you," She whispered as she turned around. This time Danny let her walk away without another word.


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Not much to say about myself. I'm your everyday average guy and i love manga, in fact im aiming to become an amature manga writer... i would like to point out that i am looking for someone that would like to team up with me as an artist.....

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